Ecological solutions in polymer application

Since the year 2004, a team of scientists from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in collaboration with Slovak Academy of Sciences have been developing biodegradable compostable plastics – from renewable raw materials, with different properties and with possibility to adjust material according to customer needs and in the main time to be processed on standard production lines used for plastics. All efforts were completed in 2013 with worldwide patent registration. In order to support research and development activities done on academic field, there was a need to find and consequently create strong relationship/partnership with a private company - ENVIROCARE - which provided not only financial support and personal capacities, but also production plant with machinery for testing and small/ medium production capacity purposes.The main goal of the partnership between the academic field and the private sector was a successful transfer of results from research and development or laboratory environment into the real production and business cycle.

Research and development of environmental polymers – biobased, biodegradable polymers and their blends or composites. Our company is focused mainly on PLA, PHAs, starch products with improved application properties.

Services and products

- Polymer and polymer blends testing and special measurements (rheology with fully equipped three capillary rheometer, DSC, DMTA, Impact testing, tensile testing, SEM microscope with EDS and cryo mode option, permeation of vapor and gases)

- Pilot plant testing of polymer materials using small lines for polymer processing (twin screw extruder, injection moulding, profile extrusion, chill roll casted mono or three layers films, film blowing three layer film unit , blow moulding, fibre spinining)

- Production of own biodegradable polymer materials


Envirocare co-operate with STU on education process in lab excercises as well as we support PhD. We organize workshops and courses in field of polymer technology.